Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Video - watching moving pictures with sound

University study has introduced me to the increased use of video in the learning process, my understanding of YouTube was where teenagers or smart advertisers made fun, this is my life short clips for entertainment. Now I realise that there are millions of clips available for educational use. The pedagogical use of topic introduction, explanation of tasks or methodology have been useful for me as short videos catch your attention and enable focusing on the subject. I couldn't go near the online Dissection clips, I even missed my A Level Biology lectures that included the real dissections, too much for me I preferred to learn from the text book diagrams. Introductions by real people give credibility and reality to tasks a key for problem based learning.

By watching the online Message Stick episodes we saw the engagement, inclusion and interest of aboriginal students to attend school and participate in a facilitated video making project about their lives. Enabling the expensive equipment and expertise required to be brought in from outside the community by trained professionals. Regards Elizabeth

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