Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Podcasting - Now an iTune member

After signing in I headed for the Education Podcasts to find The Teachers' Podcast - a series of podcast by Dr Kathy King and Mark Gura of discussion on current relevant topics for educators. I listened to Ep 43 The Lighting of the Fire Part II The New Generation of Ed Tech Professional Development. Discussion included the reporting of the death of Michael Jackson and how his Wikipedia entry was up to date that evening but the Broadcast TV was still hesitant to commit showing how disconnected it can be (must fact check). Also discussed was the use of Twitter and Facebook purely in a professional capacity, links to resources, discussion of research and requests for information assistance. With posts about what is currently being worked on for example research papers and when broadcast to your professional network, people can comment or forward links to information. They empathised that many people are overwhelmed with the social networking available and ensured listeners that you only need to scan entries for relevant/useful information, forget the rest and by being aware of what is out there you can then make an informed choice as to the platforms used to link with like minded professional to assist with the magnification of work and information.

This last piece about being overwhelmed gave me heart, I am constantly trying to keep up and understand all this technology which is new to me. As for the use of Podcasts in student education I feel it would benefit as another medium of presentation especially for auditory learners.

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